How We use your data

How we use you data.  Any information we collect via email or phone is only used in order to provide you with: A) a clearance quote, or B) to provide you with a clearance service should you accept the quote. The minimum amount of data will be retained for billing records and environmental compliance (for reporting to government agencies such as HMRC & Natural resources Wales), this is held within a secure billing system. We do not store card detail or bank details. We do not sell or share personal data with companies for the purposes of marketing and we do not send you marketing emails or call ourselves. If we are unable to complete a clearance ourselves because we are too busy, we may provide details to a sub-contractor (Another clearance company) to directly complete the work we've agreed to carry out, but cannot do ourselves, but only ever in direct relation to carrying out the job you've booked on. Some data is tracked for web traffic analysis, it's non personal in nature and is provided to us via google in the form of stats. We do not directly use cookies. If you click on any ads on this site the advertiser/representative will track some details and may use cookies to track your marketing behaviour. If you make a purchase through the ads we do get paid a small amount of money.