Q. How does it work?

A. Simply, pop the waste in a convenient location. Organise a time and day for it to be removed and our team will load up, issue a waste transfer note, take payment and depart.

Q. What’s the capacity of your vehicles?

16 Yard wagons which hold approx. 160 black bags or 16 builders ton bags worth of waste

Q. How do i know how much waste i have?

A. We simply ask you how full the wagon is and come to a mutual agreement on how much waste you have generated

Q. What if i cant be there when you collect?

A. we can send a picture of the back of the wagon and payment can be taken numerous was

Q. What can't you take?

A. any hazardous item but please speak to the team if your unsure

Q. What do you do with the rubbish?

A. We process numerous waste types in house and outsource other waste types for recycling

Q. Why shouldn't i hire a skip?

A. with the mobile skip you wont have to guess the size of skip required, have a skip hang about for weeks or have anyone else filling it up for you

Q. Is your company insured?

A. We are insured to Council contracting standards

Q. Is your company a registered waste carrier?

A. we are, license numbers change but you can request it or it will be on the waste transfer note we provide at the end of our collection